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We offer FM Radio Advertising

The Hume Travel Radio Network provides the widest possible FM coverage across NSW Southern Tablelands, South West Slopes,  Riverina. VIC Northeast District, North Central District, Northern Country District and Mallee District. 


We offer Digital Radio Advertising


We offer advertising to the Australian market:


The Australian Digital Radio Network


The Beach Radio Network

Hunter Radio

Tamworth Country Radio Network

First Radio Australia


We offer advertising to the European Market:




ZFM Russia

First Radio: | Germany | France | Strasburg | Spain | Sweden | London | Netherlands | Amsterdam | UK | Amsterdam | Manchester | Netherlands | Poland | Denmark | Austria | Italy | Ukraine |



We offer advertising to the US/Americas Market:


Global Network Radio

First Radio | USA | Miami | Los Angeles | Seattle | New York | Mexico | Chicago | Canada |Chicago| Washington|


We offer advertising to the Africa/Middle East Market:


First Radio Africa Israel


We offer advertising to the Asian Market:


Asia Hits Radio

First Radio | Asia | India | Hong Kong | Vietnam | Singapore | Japan |


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