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Music Submission - Terms and Conditions


You are providing music for the purpose of its promotion and ultimate purchase by the public, or so that the public will ultimately pay to attend an artist’s performances. Subject to our approval of this music, we will provide commercial air time for your purpose in direct barter for your waiver of any type of royalty or other cost associated with the use of the music (i.e. We will not charge you the regular fees charged to advertisers promoting other types of products for sale). 




By sending us via email an audio file, or a link to download an audio file, or by bringing such a link to our attention to download by any other means, or by sending by regular post or handing to us a physical medium containing audio files such as a Compact Disk or flash drive (collectively hereinafter referred to as “Your Music”), you agree to the following terms and conditions as a legally binding agreement between yourself (or your label) and Australian Broadcasting Media (“ABM”).


1. You represent and warrant:


a)    That you are the sole copyright owner of Your Music or legally entitled to enter into this agreement having obtained the necessary permissions of the copyright owner to submit Your Music on their behalf.


b)   That you are the sole owner of the mechanical copyright of the recording of Your Music or have obtained the necessary permissions of the mechanical copyright owner to submit Your Music on their behalf.


2. You hereby waive the following rights in regard to ABM’s use of Your Music for Internet Radio, pod casts, pre-recorded syndicated programs, FM and Internet simulcasts, satellite distribution, broadcasting links and live FM broadcasts:


a)    The right to recover performance royalties under blanket licenses, including the right to collect such royalties individually or through a performance rights society. 


b)   The right to recover mechanical rights or statutory royalties. 


c)    Any other type of royalty or payment to which you might be entitled for the use of Your Music by ABM.


You further agree not to report use of Your Music by ABM to any performing rights societies or organizations.


Your consent to this agreement will be indicated by your submission of Your Music to ABM in one of the forms outlined above. This agreement will commence upon the submission of Your Music to ABM and remain in force indefinitely thereafter. We reserve the right to change any of these terms or conditions at any time without notice and you agree that any such changes will not in any way construe a cessation of this agreement unless such cessation is specifically stated in the amended terms and conditions.


If you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions you may submit music.   



Music Submission - Guidelines for those agreeing to the Above


Under most circumstances we accept submissions electronically.



The general music submission address is:         support [@]             (Download links may however be submitted to any email address)



Emails with attached MP3’s should only be sent to:  mp3_2012 [@]



Physical medium such as CD’s or flash drives containing audio may be posted to:


Sean Ison, Product Manager, Australian Broadcasting Media, PO Box 106, Kotara 2289 NSW or handed to one of our presenters or staff.


Submission of music does not guarantee airplay. Absolutely No correspondence (including telephone conversations) will be entered into in respect of music airplay.


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